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Stone Wall Mapping Project Uses New Technology to Honor The Past


Concord, NH – The New Hampshire Geological Survey (NHGS), at the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (NHDES), is launching a new interactive “New Hampshire Stone Wall Mapper,” which will enable the public to use this web-based tool to map the state’s landscape of historic stone walls.

The “New Hampshire Stone Wall Mapper,” is a mapping initiative that uses the availability of Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) images across New Hampshire to map the state’s historic stone walls, especially in areas that are completely forested today. . The mapping interface has been designed for easy use and only requires access to a web browser and the internet. UNH GRANIT developed and is hosting the crowdsourcing application. 


For links to the NH Stone Wall Mapper, as well as a companion website that details the history of stone walls and the use of LiDAR to reveal them, and guidance on how to interact on the map, please visit the Stone Wall Project webpage at You can also join the community of stone wall mappers by becoming a member of the NH Stone Wall Mapping Project Facebook group:

For more information about the project, please contact Rick Chormann, State Geologist and Director, NH Geological Survey, at (603) 271-1975 or

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Check out Steve Whitman's TEDx Talk "Shifting the World From Grey to Green"

ForEveryoneHome: City Solutions for Housing Equityis an 18-month program that will help a select group of cities chart a path to inclusive growth through lasting affordability.  This initiative targets mixed-market cities where changing conditions threaten to displace low-income communities of color.  Our goal is to “get ahead of the curve” in these communities, catalyzing action to protect affordability and diversity in changing neighborhoods before displacement pressures become too great.


Thanks to substantial underwriting from the Ford Foundation, ForEveryoneHome provides a 2-to-1 match of local funds committed to this effort. This is a real opportunity for communities to stretch their limited policy-making dollars for maximum impact. 


For more details on the initiative and how to apply, please see the ForEveryoneHome webpage, or contact State and Local Policy Senior Specialist Matt Weber at  Applications are due by February 28, 2019.

Jeff Taylor Bean Pots to Bell Towers Fund  

Colleagues and friends of the late Jeff Taylor are creating a memorial fund to provide continuing support for the kinds of projects that benefited from his amazing creativity, energy and ability to bring diverse interests together. 

For more information about the fund and how you can contribute, see



NHDES' Potable Water Guide

The 2016 Potable  Water Guide  provides guidance to municipalities that wish to incorporate a refined definition of “potable water” into their building codes. For more information, contact Pierce Rigrod at NHDES (603) 271-0688

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