New Hampshire Planners Association


1.       NHPA’s mail list may  be rented for:

a.       Promotional materials for workshops, short courses, and graduate programs relating to the   planning field.

b.      Promotional materials for publications related to the planning field.

c.       Promotional materials for other products related to the planning field.


2.       NHPA’s mail list MAY NOT be rented for:

a.       Promotional materials unrelated to the field of planning, unless the Executive Committee grants permission.

b.      Surveys, unless the Executive Committee grants permission.


3.      All lists include contact name and preferred email OR mailing address (home or work) only. Lists DO NOT include the contacts’ phone,  or fax.

a.       All mailing address lists are emailed in the requested format to the contact email address listed on the order form.


b.      Email address rentals are ONLY available through submission of the promotional materials to NHPA for a one-time distribution. At no time will NHPA provide a Rental Applicant with a list of NHPA’s email contacts.


4.      All list orders MUST BE SUBMITTED IN WRITING AND INCLUDE A SAMPLE of the completed promotional piece for which the list is to be used.


5.      NHPA reserves the right not to rent its mailing list. NHPA must review and approve sample mailing pieces. If there is a conflict with an NHPA sponsored program, the list will not be released.


6.      Normal processing time for the list order is 10 business days from the receipt of the completed order form, payment and sample piece.


7.      NHPA does not allow its lists to be copied in any format. This includes adding NHPA’s mail list information to a database.


8.      The NAME of the New Hampshire Planner’s Association – or ANY part of NHPA, CANNOT be included in the promotional materials.


9.     The FEE for the NHPA mailing list is $30 if requested to promote materials for workshops, short courses and graduate programs relating to the planning field. All other requests will be charged $100.


10.  All NHPA mail list orders must be prepaid by check before delivery of the list can be made. No exceptions will be allowed.


11.  NHPA DOES NOT provide merge/purge service on its mailing list.


12.  NHPA DOES NOT provide mailing labels, diskettes, CDs, magnetic tapes, etc.

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