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March 2, 2015

Developed for municipal leaders, engineers, land use planners, and other professional consultants, the Coastal Viewer assists with identifying and understanding coastal resources, hazards and potential vulnerabilities. The Coastal Viewer compiles existing spatially-explicit hazards information and numerous data sets including the locations of impervious surfaces (such as parking lots), wetlands, transmission and pipelines, roads, critical community assets, culverts, and conservation and developed areas.  
Users query data of interest and the Coastal Viewer provides an aerial graphic of storm and sea-level rise impacts for upland areas, beaches and salt marshes, developed areas, infrastructure, and schools and town buildings.  

Roger Stephenson, APR
Behavioral Public Relations & Management Counsel
online Stephenson Strategic Communications

Safe Mobility Planning

January 21, 2015
4–5:30 p.m. ET

Growing numbers of people are commuting and getting around town by bicycle. Keeping everyone safe on streets and sidewalks is a moving target. Explore the safety issues that go with more robust transportation options. Hear about safety and accessibility concerns for a range of populations. Discover how plans for transportation, capital improvements, and long-term goals can merge to improve safety. View the federal perspective on measuring multimodal performance and look at case studies of complete streets in cities on the move.

Certification Maintenance

This audio/web conference has been approved for CM | 1.5

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